About Us

About us

Operating since 1972, ISB is a leading manufacturer of electronic safety and automation products for the metal stamping and fabrication industry. ISB has answered the challenges facing metalworking shops by providing safe and reliable products designed to safeguard plant personnel, while at the same time providing technology to make each machine more productive.  Through the years, ISB has developped generations of Safety Light Curtains and was the first to have used LEDs to establish a safety light curtain.The concept of creating a guard, using a collimated beam of infrared lights & photo diodes, evolved as a result of one engineer’s commitment and dedication to prevent the operators of hazardous equipment from circumventing the use of cumbersome and obstructive mechanical guards, when not supervised.

ISB product and development team has produced several generations of light curtains in compliance to industry regulatory changes and market demands and expanded the product offering to include press controls, safety relays, sensors, ergonomic buttons, safety valves and more. Our engineers are committed to creating high quality, innovative products, in order to ensure the safety of those operating dangerouse equipment, while elliminating the use of bulky and inconvenient mechanical guards.

ISB is proud to offer a complete product line that provides its customers with a total solution for safeguarding and automating metalworking machinery.